Nautivela-Jet is a modern Twin trapeze Asymmetric spinnaker dinghy with retractable bowsprit. Constructed using 'E' and 'S'glass, cross linked PVC foam, carbon, isophtalic and vynilester resin the sandwich structure of the jet is amongst the best combinations between lightness and strenght.

Foils, carbon fibre composite, are particularly strong and they float!!

The mast is in two parts: Mainmast is 6082 Al with track continous to masthead "JET SECTION" with a fiberglass topmast bonded to track. In this way the depowering of the sails gets easy and controlling the prebend with the Cap-shrouds makes the boat suitable for a wide range of crews.

The balance of the Jet in the water together with her lightness and the absence of wide racks make the boat really easy to manouver and to right up after a capsize. For this reason it is particularly indicated for the sailors who intend starting their career heading for bigger skiffs, Olympic or 18s.

The Italian Sailing Federation has already chosen her as their trainer to the Olympic Skiff.

Jet has been designed considering also inconvinients, problems of other double handed dinghies with gennaker.

The result consists in the following differences between Jet and them:

  1. very light and easy to recover after capzise;
  2. far less expensive also for riggings and sails;
  3. easy to be handled also by unskilled sailors who gradually can benefit of the highest performances from the boat.

A complete calendar of events is available on request.
The generous sail area makes it really exciting and capable of very high speeds, FASTEN YOUR TRAPEZE BELT AND PREPARE TO FLY!!

Technical data:

Overall Length 3.60 m
Beam 1.88 m
Hull Weight 80 kg
Fitted Hull Weight (with sails)  120 kg
Main & Jib 19.70 sq.m
Asymmetric Spinnaker 36.00 sq.m
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