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2017: 420 Nautivela on the top!

Great results for 420 Nautivela in 2017. In dicember, in Fremantle's 420 World Championship, Nautivela is Gold medal, and...

'Triplete' for Nautivela at the 420 World Championship 2016

World Champion open fleet, Diogo and Pedro Costa from Portugal. Ladies World Champion, Francesca Russo Cirillo and Alice Linussi from Italy. U17 World Champion, Telis Athanasopoulos and Yogo Dimitris Tassios from Greece.

European Champion Optimist 2016 boys and girls

Nautivela Optimist is European Champion 2016 boys and girls with GAIA BERGONZINI and MEWES WIEDUWILD

Super Women Sailors

Nautivela congratulates their Super Women Sailors taking the hot spots at the 49erFX Worlds!!


2015 Champions 420

420 Open Wold Champion, Under17 World Champion, Ladies World Champion, Ladies Junior European Champion!


2015 Optimist European Champions

The new European Optimist Champion wins with Nautivela!


420 Nautivela: not only World and Europe Champions

Jose Manuel Ruiz/Fernando Davila, with Nautivela, are world campions 420!
Hippolyte Machetti / Sidoine Dantes are i Campioni d'Europa 420 del 2014. Reasons to be satisfied, for us, are many...


470 World and European ladies champions!

Lara Vadlau e Jolanta Ogar, with Nautivela, are the new 470 World and european ladies champions!
Congratulations, and thanks for choosing Nautivela!


Heavy training in Imperia...

Heavy training in Imperia in preparation of the European Champ. 2013 (4-8 Dec.)


National Optimist Regatta in Marseille: 25 april-1 may

1th Tangui Ruleau
2nd Jim Vincent
3rd Maxime Pedron

All the podium is Nautivela!


Welcome to Carlos Robles e Florian Trittel

Welcome on board the 49er World Circuit to Carlos Robles and Florian Trittel!!!
Winners of the ISAF Youth Worlds in the 29er Class and now getting ready for their Olympic Campaign on the 49er, obviusly supplied by Nautivela!!!
Will sure hear about you guys very soon!!!!


The Olympic French Squad on board the new 49erFX

Welcome  the French Olympic team on the new 49erFX provided by Nautivela: here you the pictures of the training at the Olympic Training Center in Marseille (Courtesy Nicolas Huguet and Guillaume Chiellino National Coaches 49er/49erFX FFV)


Women Italian Championship of Olympic Classes

Congratulations to Francesca Komatar and Sveva Carraro for winning the Italian Championship of Olympic Classes on their 470 Nautivela!!!


Welcome on new 49erFX

Nautivela welcomes on board the NEW Olympic Skiff for Women, 49erFX the Olympic Squad of the Real Federation Espanola de Vela on their first National Training Camp in the CEAR Principe Felipe in Santander, all equipment supplied by Nautivela!
Courtesy RFEV Alejandro Abascal


2011 Italian 420 championship

Nautivela is 420 ITALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION! Thank you to Giulia Lantier and Teresa Spangaro!



Nautivela is OPTIMIST ITALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION 2011! Thank you Francesca Bergamo!



We are proud to be the best shipyard in Europe, after winning 2 gold, 1 silver and a bronze in Tavira (IODA European Championship 2011)


Nautivela optimist: firsts in Europe!

Nautivela is Optimist European Girl Champion 2010 and Optimist British National and Open Champion 2010!


Great results for the new 420

The new 420 Nautivela continues to reap good results in all waters of the world.

420 e 29er

Nautivela official supplier Volvo ISAF Youth Championship

For the first time at the Volvo ISAF Youth Championship both 420 and 29er will be used as double-handed dinghy and high performance youth boats. Nautivela is proud of having been chosen as official supplier for both 420 and 29er.


Nautivela distributes 49er and 29er classes

We distribute all over South Europe 49er and 29er.


International 420 World Championship Haifa 2010

Great results at 420 world championship in Haifa, Israel: Nautivela is LADIES WORLD CHAMPION, and won SILVER and BRONZE MEDALS in the OPEN RATING!


420 Italian National Championship

Nautivela is 420 ITALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION! Thank you to: Edoardo Mancinelli Scotti e Leonardo Cucchiara!


420 - Female European Championship

Nautivela is 420 FEMALE EUROPEAN CHAMPION! Thank you to: Roberta Caputo e Benedetta Barbiero!!


NEW 420 Nautivela selected for the Isaf Youth Worlds 2009

CNC machined moulds - New resins and cloth - 420 Nautivela a real Revolution!


470 - Female European Championship

Nautivela’s 470 is FEMALE EUROPEAN CHAMPION, new 2010 upgraded construction! Thank you to: Emmanuelle Rol & Helene Defrance for driving our rocket ship to the top of the list!!


Flying 420!

When somebody tells you that 420 Nautivela flies... he's right! Here you are a photo (Zadar, Croatia, the first november  2010): Lara Vadlau e Kohut Flauschi flying on their 420 nautivela.


Byte CII at Singapore 2010!

Byte CII is men's and women’s singlehanded class for Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Have great performance with your Byte CII: visit technical area of our web site!


Byte CII - Imperia regatta videos

European Qualifiers for Youth Olympics / European Championship videos on http://olympicsailing.blip.tv/ and http://i-w-r.com


29er XS

Here is a preview of the new 29er XS, the younger brother of 29er


New: Streamline class

Try the new Streamline class, monotype designed by architect Rolf Vrolik, the father of "Alinghi".

420 Nautivela Special offer