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Nautivela distributes 49er and 29er classes

We distribute all over South Europe 49er and 29er boats.

The 49er is a newer one-design class of small sailing dinghy. It is a double handed twin trapeze boat, meaning that it is sailed by a helm and a crew, the helm largely being a passenger and the crew doing all the work. The design, by Julian Bethwaite, the son of Frank Bethwaite, (the designer of the popular Tasar and Laser 2 classes), is revolutionary. The boat is experiencing an increase in popularity due to its selection as an Olympic class starting with the Sydney Olympics of 2000.

The 29er is a skiff designed by Julian Bethwaite and first produced in 1998. It is targeted at youth, especially those training to sail the larger 49er. It has a single trapeze and an asymmetric spinnaker much like that of the 49er (although smaller). The popular boat is considered a more rapid alternative to the laser dinghy and has an international racing class devoted to it. The 2006 world championships were held at Weymouth in the UK with an entry of 105 boats representing 15 nations.

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